Darin Epsilon – Classics Remixed(Robert Babicz, Nick Muir, Wally Lopez, and Paul Kardos Remixes)

A good classic is timeless and never goes away. This summer, Perspectives Digital revisit four tracks from label owner Darin Epsilon’s extensive back catalog. Those selected to add their own spin include Robert Babicz, Nick Muir, Wally Lopez, and Paul Kardos, and they all do so in real style!

Long time scene veteran Robert Babicz goes first and is in fine form as he reworks ‘Jumeirah’ into nine dramatic minutes of shapeshifting Tech House with squelchy synths. Then comes Nick Muir’s thundering version of ‘Denpasar’ with spine-tingling chords and skyward synths that carry you away into the night sky. Spanish House kingpin Wally Lopez then goes all moody and broody on his remix of ‘Thousands Winds’, layering in twinkling keys, breaking things down for dramatic effect, then building them up again. Last but not least, Sonic Academy contest winner Paul Kardos serves up the deepest, most heartwarming and involving of the lot with his take on ‘One Thousand & One Nights’.

1) Darin Epsilon – Jumeirah (Robert Babicz Remix)
2) Darin Epsilon – Denpasar (Nick Muir Remix)
3) Darin Epsilon & Matan Caspi – Thousand Winds (Wally Lopez Remix)
4) Darin Epsilon – One Thousand & One Nights (Paul Kardos Remix)



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