Deepak Sharma- Annapurna EP

Label boss, Deepak Sharma deliver a three-track gem on his solo debut for his imprint, Hidden Recordings. Within Annapurna lies his varied interpretations of techno vividly on display, all unique in their own ways but with a consistent, underlying gritty tone the label is famed for. He protects his house, and makes a bold statement as a soloist.

From DJ to curator of Hidden Recordings, Deepak Sharma has been entrenched in techno for over a decade. As the selector for Hidden Recordings, he began to expand the reach of his soundscape in order to appreciate all music, particularly techno.

Through these experiences, he had a moment where he started hearing sounds differently, and since then has been on a journey to make that sound. He’s authentic to the mood and what feels right, combining raw, hypnotic rhythms that lay a foundation for an industrial monochrome minimalism with flashes of bright color while others fall deeper within the moody, darker abyss.

Release Date. 3rd September, 2017 (Vinyl), 30th October, 2017 (Digital)
01. Annapurna
02. Makalu
03. Cho Oyu


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