Listen: kyd the band Release Second Single, Ice Cream

American alternative rock duo kyd the band drops their latest ’90s-inspired single “Ice Cream”. “Ice Cream” follows the band’s anthemic debut single titled “American Dreamer” with accompanying music video. “Ice Cream” was produced by Kyle Guisande.

We had the concept ‘Ice Cream’ for a couple years, but never had the right music for the idea. One day, Kyle produced this track with a dirty bass line as the main riff, and we absolutely loved it. So we decided to sit on the track for a little bit and save it for when we had a co-write with our friend Jimmy Robbins, who has really become our closest collaborator. We showed him the ‘Ice Cream’ concept that we had been saving and he wanted to run with it. We actually ended up writing the entire song in like an hour. It’s one of our favorites, and musically it shows how much of an influence the Gorillaz have on what we do,” says the band.


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