Mirko Loko new album ‘Twin Bang’ (Ff. Ursula Rucker,Derrick May ,…,) on new label Comet Traxx

‘Twin Bang’ is Mirko Loko’s third album and the debut music release on his new label, Comet Traxx.

The Swiss producer has crafted with devotion a collection of charming and seductive dance oriented tunes, proudly featuring collaborations with Detroit Techno legend, Derrick May, Philadelphia singer, Ursula Rucker, and the French/Italian duo, Moody Preachers.

This album is the first release of my new label, which is a platform to express myself and other friendly artists. I try to make all my influences inside and open a new chapter on my music process.” – Mirko Loko

The opening track ‘Desurection’ (feat. Moody Preachers) is a slow and trippy rhythmic exploration of the spectral envelopes, featuring a pitched down haunting voice from the outer realms. ‘Mind Over Matter’ is a faster elegant dancefloor track devised on a rich harmonics stab, while ‘Mentors Heritage’ is an ethereal, romantic, space trip guided by the abysmally sexy voice of Derrick May, one of Loko’s strongest influences.

A classic 707 Chicago influenced drum programming gives swing to ‘Pylus Pylons System’ and its vintage computer sequences and bleeps, just before moving into the stripped-down synth progression on the touching and mystical spoken word of Ursula Rucker on ‘It’s Like”. The dramatic tension of the album then reaches a climax with the long building ‘Astral Travelers’, and as the beats get tight, ‘Les Champ des Possibles’ maintains a hypnotic state with an acidic arpeggio. Finally, ‘Les Beaux Jours’ discharges serenity and composure over delightful melodies and laid back whispers.

Twin Bang Tracklist:
Desurection feat. Moody Preachers
Mind Over Matter
Mentors Heritage feat. Derrick May
Pylus Pylons System
It’s Like feat. Ursula Rucker
Astral Travelers
Le Champ des Possibles
Les Beaux Jours

A journey through the musical cosmos, Mirko Loko proudly presents, ‘Twin Bang’. Loko debuted his live show of the album at the well-respected Montreux Jazz festival in Switzerland to great success. More live dates are to be announced, including a special Live at the Swiss mountain-top festival, Polaris, between December 7-10.


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