Alice Merton’s “No Roots” Single Explodes Across Europe, Breaking At U.S. Radio, Signs To Mom + Pop Music l EU Festivals / U.S. Tour To Come

Alice Merton signs with Mom + Pop Music! Her single “No Roots” has already captured an immense amount of attention with millions of global plays on Spotify and YouTube, and has been recently added to Alt/AAA U.S. radio. She has new adds this week including LA, Chicago, Austin, Dallas, SF, Minneapolis + NYC/Sirius Alt Nation. Look out for Alice later this year and early next as she plans to tour both Europe and the U.S..

I’ve got no roots, but my home was never on the ground.

One whole sentence seems to sum up the life of the English/Canadian singer and songwriter Alice Merton. Four countries and eleven moves later, she starts to take her first independent steps into the music industry. With success – No Roots reached top positions on iTunes, Spotify, Shazam and Hype Machine. In Germany, the song has already reached platinum status and was #1 in the official single charts.

Raised in Canada, finishing high school in Germany, then moving on to England with her family, Alice has gotten quite used to packing and unpacking boxes. With her debut single No Roots, she describes the life of having had many different homes, but comes to the realization that her home was never in one place.

At the age of five she started taking classical piano lessons, four years later she was introduced to vocal training. After spending many years being classically trained, Alice discovered the art of songwriting through one of her high school courses in Germany. She then went on to study songwriting and pursue her dream of becoming a professional singer/songwriter.

During her studies she started working with various producers. Finding the right producer is like finding a missing puzzle piece, you know it’s there somewhere, but it takes a really longtime to find.” However, after being introduced to Nicolas Rebscher, a Berlin-based producer, she knew she had found her match.

Creating a very analog and organic pop sound, going back to the basics of drum and bass driven music, they combined their individual styles to develop a style of their own. Nicolas Rebscher’s arrangements were the perfect addition to Alice’s melodies, combining the depth and softness in her voice, with his energetic and charismatic sounds.

Alice Merton – Hit the Ground Running


08/04 Appletree Garden Festival – Diepholz, Germany
08/04 Parklichter Festival – Bad Oeynhausen, Germany
08/05 Food For Your Senses Festival – Kirchberg, Luxembourg
08/25 Gamescon – Cologne, Germany
08/26 Laternenfest – Halle, Germany
09/9 Rennbahn Berlin Hoppegarten – Berlin, Germany
09/10 Lollapalooza Berlin – Berlin, Germany
09/14 SWR3 New Pop Festival – Baden Baden, Germany
09/15 NDR 2 Soundcheck Festival – Göttingen, Germany
9/20-23 Reeperbahn Festival – Hamburg, Germany
11/17 New Fall Festival – Düsseldorf, Germany


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