Weisses Licht – (Funk D’Void, Manna From Sky, Oscar Cornell, Vynyard… Transhumanism Remixes) on Lucidflow

‘LF140 – Weisses Licht – Transhumanism Remixes – Lucidflow 11.9.2017’.
Lucidflow remix packages are always a bit of an event, and this revisit of last year’s ‘Transhumanism’ by Weisses Licht is no exception. LF140 comprises of five takes from accomplished artists, taking the original widescreen and sountracky material in new directions.

Leading the fray is the Italian pairing of Emanuele Mariani and Ermanno Vita who are Manna From Sky, delivering the ‘Lucid Remix’ of ‘Replication’ in an appropriately mechanical fashion. Everything is as tight as if it were delivered by a robotic space funk outfit, with breathy exhales sounding like the chug of a steam engine.

‘Cryonics’ is taken through a melancholic turn by Soma artist and Outpost label head Funk D’Void, who really plays to the sci-fi origins of the source material through tangibly squelchy analogue synths and deftly incremental layered sections of percussion.

The title track ‘Transhumanism’ is taken on by Mexican Oscar Cornell, who channels a west coast USA deep vibe that wouldn’t have seen out of place on Guidance Recordings. The washes of synths foam like breaking seawater and the mood is appropriately languid to match this.

Finally, ‘Nanobots Change Molecules’ is taken through two different directions. Frequent Lucidflow guest Vynyard goes for a progressive edge, with tough driving beats matching against arcade bleeps and swells of arpeggio. Then Weisses Licht steps in with a ‘Cinematic Mix’, which is full of eyes down mood in one of those early set “this is where we get serious” moments.


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