Swedish Kraut-rock 3-piece Norma are finally ready to deliver sophomore album /Listen:New single “Spectacular Bid”

Normas new single Spectacular bid gives a feeling of being in the middle of a horse race. Horses are neighing, legs gallop and the legendary horse Spectacular bid is like always running fast, led by his jockey Ronnie Franklin.

The idea of making this song came up when Erik was going through belongings from his grandfather and found a picture of a race horse that he remembered from his childhood. In the seventies Eriks grandfather was working in the postal service and in 1978 he saved up for a vacation in the US. During the trip he went to a thoroughbred horse race for the first time in his life, the Young America Stakes in New Jersey where he placed a bet on Spectacular bid and won. It wasn’t that much money but enough to be able to stay and rent a studio in New York for one month where he was painting his arts.

The video for Spectacular bid is filmed at Bro Park race track outside Stockholm, starring Sweden’s No:1 jockey, Per Anders Gråberg and is directed by Clara Nova Tägtström.


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