Introducing:Dylan Cartlidge reveals debut track ‘Love Spoons’

‘Love Spoons’ is the exciting debut from rising star Dylan Cartlidge.
An impressive track armed with an an infectious bassline and Dylan’s unique and varied vocal delivery, ‘Love Spoons’ is an exceptional debut reminiscent of early Outkast and Beck but with a distinctly British slant akin to Jamie T or Gorillaz.

Discussing themes of high school love and friendship, Dylan changes from rapping to singing throughout, showcasing his versatility and genre-spanning identity. The track’s upbeat and playful lyrics and incredibly catchy chorus will leave listeners instantly wanting to hit repeat.

22-year-old Dylan is a multi-talented singer, rapper and instrumentalist independently writing music that sounds more like it was created on the east side of Atlanta rather than in a small town near Middlesbrough.

‘Love Spoons’ offers the first taste of what’s in store for Dylan Cartlidge and it’s an extremely promising glimpse to say the least.



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