Danish duo The Attic Sleepers shares new single “Berlin”

The Attic Sleepers showcase their signature blend of folk-pop and post-rock on the teary-ballad, released ahead of the Copenhagen-based duo’s debut album, ‘Transit’ – out via Loftrum Records on 1st September.

With a proven deftness in crafting catchy melodies within a sense of melancholia, the band has comfortably drawn comparison to the likes of Fleet Foxes and Sigur Ros. Now ‘Berlin’ serves as a perfect introduction to the debut full-length ‘Transit’, providing a taste of their unique atmospherics, enchanting falsetto and spaced out production.

Having regularly spent extended periods writing in the furthest flung corners of the globe, the duo consisting of Mathias Barfod (vocals/guitar) and Matias Knigge (drums), always find inspiration when escaping everyday life. The initial foundation of ‘Berlin’ was constructed during an 8-month spell in the German capital and lyrically explores this fundamental notion of escapism, at the core of everything The Attic Sleepers represent. The track is accompanied by an in-keeping ‘escape’ themed music video, set in Atlanta, Georgia, and even their name originates from a time in 2010 spent composing ideas on a roof in Lanquin, Central America.

The Attic Sleepers have appeared at European musical festivals such as Roskilde Festival, Musik I Lejet, Alive Festival, Trailerpark Festival, Wonderfestiwall, and SPOT Festival. In turn, the duo have gained traction in their native Denmark, thanks to support from institutions such as P6 Beat – one of Denmark’s most popular radio stations – which featured the single ‘Airport’ from 2015’s debut EP ‘Languin’. The single went on to be the most played song on the station that year.

September beckons support dates at the prestigious DR Koncerthuset in Copenhagen and at Atlas in Aarhus – two homecoming events set to celebrate the surely acclaimed body of work from the astute and accomplished collaborators.


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