Rhemi Ft Leon Dorrill – In The Sky (Preview)

Drenched with heartfelt emotion ‘In The Sky’ is reminder to us all to take care of who we do have in our lives as we never know when they will pass. Something we can all relate to in one way or another, regret of not saying what you really wanted to or not doing what we felt was right at the time. We all hope those who have gone can hear our thoughts and know how we really feel and this in essence is what ‘In The Sky’ Is about. This song brought to life by Leon Dorrill, who is an amazingly talented performer, has done previous work with UK based producer Pat Bedeau as well carving out his own successful solo career. Bringing each note to life, Leon travels through the record with ease and sets the scene for all those listening. So Set your hearts to warm and ears to listen, as this one requires all your attention.
Traxasource release date: 18/08/2017
General release date: 15/09/2017

Rhemi Ft Leon Dorrill – In The Sky
1) Original Mix
2) Rhemi Dub Mix


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