Spiros Kaloumenos announces second album “Unlocked Paths” on Focus Records

Spiros Kaloumenos proudly presents his second album “Unlocked Paths” celebrating 15 years in the techno scene!
With appearances in the biggest techno festivals like Awakenings, Techno Flash, Dreambeach, Apokalypsa and some of the most prolific clubs around the world, label boss decided to take the next step and showcase the full spectrum of his diversity as a producer. As the title reveals, Spiros tries to unlock mysterious, melodic, atmospheric paths manipulating haunting soundscapes, intense sequences, broken beats alongside classic 4/4 grooves.

Some words from Spiros about this album “There are no boundaries in music and my second album is all about this moto. “Unlocked paths” is both an easy listening as well as a dance floor orientated album but most of all, is a part of me! Following trends and stereotypes is not my style. Creating this album was the cause to search and find new ways to express myself using techno as my guide. During the last months of studio isolation new sound eras opened, unexplored paths revealed that made me evolve as a person and artist. Eleven tracks that complete the canvas of my perception about techno nowadays.”
RELEASE DATE:13.11.2017
On Focus Records


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