Juan Hoerni – Love On High LP

Following the “Love Rewind” single from Los Angeles-based soulful house mainstay Cha Cha Project Recordings, Juan Hoerni returns with his flavor-packed full-length,Love on High.

Throughout, the album is a showcase of expert craftsman production whose disco elements are perfectly offset with spare jazz-infused instrumentation.Love on High drops with “Love Rewind” featuring vocal performances from Maurice Smith and Chezere. The singers create a moving interplay that brings home the song’s positive message over jazzy keys, a rolling live bass line, and a tastefully driving drum section.

Roy Davis Jr. remixes “Love on High” with cascading percussion, driving bass, and expertly placed embellishments (more cowbell!) amplifying the original vocals by Terry Dexter. The perfectly produced “Cabaret Le Freak” is a disco stomp-and-romp with spare keys. Elsewhere, with vocal support from Inarantzu and remixes by Terry Hunter and Jovann, “Love On High” is jam-packed with juicy house and disco love primed and ready for summer. Drop Love on High, an album teeming with future house classics—and you’ll be sure to do so for years to come.

release date:September 23rd, 2017
1. Juan Hoerni – Love Rewind (featuring Chezere & Maurice Smith)
2. Juan Hoerni – Say It (featuring Terry Dexter)
3. Juan Hoerni – Bomba Returns
4. Juan Hoerni & Juwann Rates – Love Me
5. Juan Hoerni – Dani (featuring Maruice Smith)
6. Juan Hoerni – Love On High (featuring Terry Dexter)
7. Juan Hoerni – Black Magic (featuring Inarantzu)
8. Juan Hoerni – Sing and Dance (featuring Cezere & Maurice Smith)
9. Juan Hoerni – Liquid Gold
10. Juan Hoerni – Rhodes Boiler
11. Juan Hoerni – Cave Shaker
12. Juan Hoerni – Don’t Play With Fire (featuring Inarantzu)
13. Juan Hoerni – Paradis (featuring Inarantzu)
14. Juan Hoerni – Cabaret Le Freak
15. Juan Hoerni – Love Rewind (Terry Hunter Main Club Mix)
16. Juan Hoerni – Love On High ( Roy Davis Jr. BBQ Mix)
17. Juan Hoerni – Sing and Dance (Jovonn House Mix)
18. Juan Hoerni – Sing and Dance (Jovonn Dub Mix)


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