Future Beat Alliance presents a retrospective of his illustrious career


Matthew Puffett, the artist most commonly known as Future Beat Alliance, presents a retrospective of selected works under his most lauded moniker. The name – taken from an Afrika Bambaataa sleeve – may have been a nod to the early-80s hip hop that was his first musical love while growing up in Oxford, but the music bore the unmistakable influence of the Detroit techno that had become his obsession. ‘Collected Works 1996-2017’ maps an illustrious discography over two decades and will be released on the artist’s own imprint – FBA Recordings. Preceding the compilation, a brand new track entitled ‘Chemical Cloud’ will also be released.

Release date 03 November 2017
A1. Intruder (Void – 1997)
A2. Chemical Cloud (FBAR – 2017)
A3. Almost Human (Delsin – 2001)
B1. Something To Hold (Unreleased – 2004)
B2. Dark Passenger (Rush Hour – 2009)
C1. Eon Link 500 (Delsin – 2000)
C2. Head Ways (Emoticon – 2002)
D1. Fake Love (Versatile – 2003)
D2. Machines Can Help (Tresor – 2010)
E1. Cross Dissolve (Tresor – 2010)
E2. Endless Blue (Tresor – 2010)
E3. Calculated Notes (EevoNext – 2009)
F1. Radio.Seti.Org (FBAR – 2013)
F2. Lumiere (Versatile – 2003)
F3. Without Words (Eevonext – 2009)
Digital Only: Beginner (Unreleased – 1996)


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