Roman Flügel mixes fabric 95

Roman Flügel’s path has been a musical one since childhood: beating drums in his basement, experimenting with all manner of gear under the watchful gaze of his uncle’s pin ups, turning his understanding of the world upside down with young forays to the Omen club and eventually abandoning his classical music studies for an unparalleled career in electronic music.

With the release of his very first productions in the early 90s he became part of the legendary German label family of ‘Playhouse’, ’Klang Elektronik’ and ‘Ongaku’ – where he would release almost all his early music. At the same time, alongside Ata, Heiko M.S.O. and Jörn Wuttke, Roman stumbled into the music business and the Frankfurt Techno scene, with clubs like Omen and Offenbach’s Robert Johnson. A few years later, the crew will have formed the spine of the scene for a decade or more spawning notable sounds, trends, scenes and more than a few classic hits – like Flugel’s and Wuttke’s ‘Rocker’ as Alter Ego (forever an immortal highlight of fabric’s Room 1 stage), Isoleé’s ‘Beau Mot Plage’ or Villalobos’ ‘Easy Lee / Dexter’.

The Club has been incredibly supportive for so many years now! I will never forget our first Live performance as Alter Ego during the peak of the success of our single ‘Rocker’ in Room One. It was pure mayhem.. Also the incredible feeling I had DJing Room Two for the first time. So intense!” – Roman Flügel

Release Date 13 October 2017

1. Genesis P-Orridge & Psychic TV – White Sky [Genesis P-Orridge (BMI)]
2. RiRom – RoRic (Original) [Raum…Musik]
3. Tuff City Kids feat. Joe Goddard – Tell Me (Benjamin Fröhlich Long Journey Remix) [Permanent Vacation]
4. Roman Flügel – Troubled Mind [Phonica]
5. Koehler – Oblivious Pool (Invisible Dub) [Die Orakel]
6. ishi vu – Lucid Dream [Studio Barnhus]
7. Pale Blue – Comes Home (Pional Remix) [Me Me Me]
8. Lawrence – Clouds And Arrows (Roman Flügel Remix) [Mule Musiq]
9. Two Of A Kind – Like This [Housetime]
10. Eamon Harkin – Are You Listening? [Mister Saturday Night]
11. Red Rack`em – Mad House [Bergerac]
12. El Kid – Kachinja [Left Blank]
13. Lanark Artefax – Touch Absence (Intimidating Stillness Mix) [Whities]
14. Randomer – Juju [L.I.E.S.]
15. Rebolledo – Want (Danny Daze & Shokh´s Fears Come Dub) [Hippie Dance]
16. DJ Normal 4 feat. F.B.Wibe – Hu Strike [Klasse Wrecks]
17. Karma – Cha [Innamind Recordings]
18. Ghost Culture – Perseus [Phantasy Sound]
19. Fetnat – Marbrahh [Nous Disques]
20. Solitary Dancer – Birth Of Saturn [Graded]
21. Bartellow – Amnesia [ESP]
22. D.H.S. – Fascinating [Tino Corp.]

launch party:
Saturday 28th October
11:00pm – 08:00am
room 1: Roman Flügel, ToFu productions (Thomas Melchior & Fumiya Tanaka), Ghost Culture
room 2: Ellen Allien, Terry Francis

Event info


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