Baaba Maal reveals a video for Lampanda featuring Ted Dwayne, Sam Smith and more


Senegalese Grammy-nominated musician Baaba Maal has just revealed a video for ‘Lampenda’ which features many famous faces including Ted Dwayne (Mumford & Sons), Baio (Vampire Weekend), The Very Best, Sam Smith, Brittany Howard (Alabama Shakes), Barbarossa, Blaine Harrison (Mystery Jets), Daniel Wilsson and many more. The video was shot last summer at BST Hyde Park when Baaba Maal was performing live with Mumford & Sons and directed by Johan from The Very Best.

Johan from The Very Best says of the making of the video; ‘Me, Baaba and Seye started filming eachothers mouths in a iphone then holding them up against another persons face a few years ago in Senegal when we where working on Baaba’s album. It was just us having a laugh, messing around in studio. So when we started to talk about doing a video for Lampenda i sugested we do that a bit more properly and just film a bunch of people we hang out with for the next month. so we filmed Baaba’s and my mouth, I had it on my phone wherever I went. Our friend Dave East also had it on his phone and we both filmed a bunch of people that way.


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