Listen:TÂCHES new Track “Unrequited Love Affair” from New EP “To Move Mountains” Out September 20

On stage or at a party, irrepressible bon vivant and neo-Romantic TÂCHES is impossible to miss. He’s the lanky and gregarious one flailing about in a fur coat and cowboy hat. Flaunting his penchant for the exotic and flamboyant, TÂCHES comes across less like a DJ and more like a conduit to the electric beauty in music, art, and humanity. In just five years, the melodic enigma went from giving away more than a million free downloads via word-of-mouth to releasing praised tracks on respected labels Desert Hearts, Different, CR2, Nervous, Kitsune, and Majestic Casual.

Previously using artwork featuring female friends with black bars across their eyes to avoid personal imagery in his press, as of 2016 TÂCHES–pronounced TASH–has become increasingly accessible.
This summer alone, TÂCHES is releasing a new EP, To ‘Move Mountains’; launching a new label, Glitter Cowboy; performed at Burning Man for the first time and moved to manic, celebrity-soaked Los Angeles, from laid-back Spain, where he’s been spotted floating in inflatable swans in infinity pools.


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