Listen:Germans new single “Little Red” (feat. Lowpines)


GERMANS is the project of the half Ghanaian, half Ugandan Brooklyn-based songwriter/actress Julia Kwamya. “Little Red” builds on the addictive, melancholic disco sound she set forth in her early singles “Cruel” and “Wonderhow” , both of which were released in 2013 and were followed by her latest 2015 single “Dead Bird” . The result of their first-ever collaboration is an ethereal track that’s a departure from her previous themes of pop breakup songs. Instead, this is Kwamya’s interpretation of the classic Little Red Riding Hood tale. “It’s about the victim’s remorse of Little Red Riding Hood and her desire to go home and cry on her mother’s shoulder,” she explains. “Little Red killed the big bad wolf in my version of the tale.

GERMANS is also currently working on her long-awaited debut album, which will likely see a release in the first half of 2018.


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