Safetalk return with their 2nd single, ‘Gold of the Highest’/Listen Now


Having made their debut in March this year with their hymn to the cosmos, ‘Universal’, Anglo-French trio Safetalk return in September with their second transmission, ‘Gold of the Highest’, a light in the darkness celebrating humanity’s potential.

Fusing psychedelic soul to intricate, pulsating electronic rhythms and radiant synths, Safetalk want us to look beyond our weak flesh and, with ‘Gold of the Highest’, open our hearts and minds to the strength we all possess within ourselves.

In an age when our worst instincts are being fed back to ourselves with a passionate intensity ‘Gold of the Highest’ shines like a beacon, an electronic sigil glowing in the darkness, a reminder that even as things fall apart the power is within us to rebuild both our world and our spirits.

Released September 15


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