Max Cooper collaborates with Zaha Hadid Architects for Schlosslichtspiele Festival


The Schlosslichtspiele Festival in Karlsruhe, Germany curates a programme of dynamic mapping projections on the 170m façade of the city’s Baroque castle.
Exploring new forms of architecture, the 2017 Schlosslichtspiele connects digital spatial concepts with the 18th century masonry of the castle to explore how living spaces can be designed in the future.
ZHA’s projection showcases the latest digital spatial simulation tools the practice applies in the comprehensive analysis and planning of its architecture, and looks further ahead to concepts of spatial design of the future.
Max Cooper said, “ZHA’s ideas and work fit well with my musical approach, being based on human/machine boundaries, and emergence of biological forms from simulated systems of behaviour. I drew on a couple of tracks which fit the visual style and the development of the piece, which goes from a playful exploration of human interactions with an architectural space to a barrage of cellular forms and audio-visual intensity.


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