San Lazaro releases new remix single 'Ladridos'


Blending the futuristic and the classic, Cy Gorman’s remix of San Lazaro’s sultry ballad Ladridos is a mesmerizing meeting of two worlds. The original is a dark, sparse and completely analogue tango ballad. For the remix – Cy has drawn the song into the digital realm and shaped it into a deeply bent piece of symphonic electronica, synthesizing elements of cumbia, deep house and tongue in cheek references to eurotrance while somehow remaining true to the essence of the original song.
Cy Gorman is a multi-disciplinary digital artist whose work takes him from film, theatre and new media to music production and back again. His 2015 album Carmen on Melbourne’s Heard and Felt record label was lauded by Giles Peterson as: “at the forefront of the Australian new electronic scene.“ Always productive, Cy’s next EP is coming out through Heard and Felt later in 2017.
San Lazaro have been creating original Latin music in Australia since 2003. Their music is a synthesis of far flung elements from all over Latin America’s musical history: Afrocuban Rumba, Son Montuno, Peruvian Cumbia, New York Salsa and Chilean protest-folk. The collaboration with Cy Gorman marks the band’s first foray into electronic music.
Listen HERE


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