CID RIM announces debut album 'Material' for Oct 20th, releases 'Surge' video (LuckyMe)


Blending the furthest reaches of modern jazz and forward thinking electronic music, Clemens Bacher aka CID RIM’s debut album, ‘Material’ (released 20th October 2017), serves as both an introduction and an opportunity to reacquaint yourself with the Austrian instrumental virtuoso. A key protagonist in Vienna’s thriving electronic music scene alongside contemporaries Dorian Concept, The Clonious and more, CID RIM has long been one of leading Scottish label LuckyMe’s secret weapons, also providing critically lauded remixes for the likes of CHVRCHES, The 1975 and Sky Ferreira. On his debut full length as an artist however, CID RIM refines a sound all his own, producing a record that’s unpredictable and intelligent, while retaining an insatiable sense of fun.
The first introduction to the album’s impact is the intense synth workout ‘Surge’. A disorientating tapestry of arpeggios, ‘Surge’ is an appropriate initial taste of the album; showcasing CID RIM’s deft ability for dizzying jazz percussion as every empty pocket of sound is filled with interlinking synth tones and and relentless drum hits. The track’s accompanying visuals also accentuate the virtuosic nature of CID RIM’s talents, focusing on his creation of ‘Surge’ by presenting him hammering at an MPC and recreating the track’s impressive drum line in solitude.

CID RIM – Material tracklist
1. Clay
2. Surge
3. Zünder
4. Repeat ft. Samantha Urbani
5 Genesung
6. Serra Serra
7. Mouches Volantes
8. Furnace
10. One Last Thing ft. Petite Noir
11. The Material

Pre-order ‘Material’ and get ‘Surge’ now
With ‘Material’ CID RIM stands alone – only providing his prowess for working with vocals on the world-beating ‘Repeat’ featuring NY’s Samantha Urbani and creating a full bodied wash of synths on ‘One Last Thing’, simultaneously elevating the cries of Petite Noir to new heights. Bacher instead opts to explore every facet of the sound he has become synonymous with, progressing them and pushing them further than he has before; such as with the ambient calm of ‘Genesung’, the analog crescendo of ‘Serra Serra’ and the reserved dancefloor sensibilities of ‘Furnace’.
Helping to cultivate a vibrant and thriving electronic music scene in his home of Vienna, CID RIM has created a wholly life affirming soundtrack to relatively bleak times for the rest of the Europe. No longer LuckyMe’s secret weapon, CID RIM is ready to step out from the shadows to present ‘Material’; a bold, brash and beautiful sum of his talents, woven together to design one of the most positive listening experiences of the year.


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