Mackrory & Collier debut album ‘On The Other Side’ on Music For Dreams October 6th(Preview)

Music For Dreams is releasing the debut album from Mackrory & Collier on the Friday 6th October 2017.
The new album ‘On The Other Side’ features their previously released singles ‘Elle Dit’ and ‘Tu Sonrisa’ for the label, plus a number of remixes, edits and alternate versions that form a perfectly mesmerizing listening experience.
The musical partnership of Nick Mackrory & Harry Collier dates all the way back to the 90s, when they were both deeply invested in the musical boom in the UK that followed acid house, the rave scene, and the Ibiza experience. Nick went from drumsticks to turntables to studio wizardry, while Harry honed in on his golden voice – which led to him singing, recording, and touring with Faithless. Nick and Harry reignited their partnership in 2014 and have since developed a sound together that is fresh but retaining an essential rawness. With touches of 60s chanson coupled with sundazed electronics, their collaborations
The lazy guitar grooves and samba rhythms of ‘Tu Sonrisa’ that so faithfully revisits the original sound of the White Isle in its hippie days are also present on melancholic chansons like ‘The Other Side’ and sleepy instrumentals like ‘Inside You’. They also prove a suitable framing on their cover of the Jimmy Webb-penned classic ‘Wichita Lineman’, made famous by the late, great former Beach Boy, Glen Campbell.
But in contrast to their folky fuzzy side, we also get some rather funky explorations into Balearic beats with the dub version of ‘Pen-A-Maen’ that bubbles along on a heavy baseline and some wonderful synth strings. ‘Blue Bird’ picks up the pace somewhere between the warm proto-house soul of Maze and the deep house meditations of Larry Heard, with Collier letting his scope as a singer come to full fruition in some rather trippy turns. Other highlights include the rather special version of the classic ‘Aranjuez’ and the new string update of ‘Elle Dit’. Andi Hanley steps in to re-structure ‘Lucky Charm’ into a jazz beat treat by the numbers.
The Music For Dreams label continues to be the flag bearer of Balearic, chill, space disco and the ambient revival with its output consisting of a slew of releases from artists such as Jan Schulte, Ruf Dug, Copenema, Apiento, Jose Manuel, The Swan & The Lake, Ambala, Oscar Bandersen, DJ Pippi, Visti & Meyland, and label boss Kenneth Bager’s own vinyl output.
Music For Dreams is releasing Mackrory & Collier ‘On The Other Side’ album on Friday 6th October 2017 on digital and stream. A vinyl album release is also available.
Preorder: Vinyl

1. Mackrory & Collier – Elle Dit
2. Mackrory & Collier – Invisible People
3. Mackrory & Collier – The Other Side Listen
4. Mackrory & Collier – Lucky Charm (Andi Hanley Edit) Watch
5. Mackrory & Collier – Aranjuez
6. Mackrory & Collier – Pen-a-maen (Dub Mix)
7. Mackrory & Collier – Wichita Lineman
8. Mackrory & Collier – Nubian Sun
9. Mackrory & Collier – Blue Bird
10. Mackrory & Collier – Tu Sonrisa (Instrumental Mix)
11. Mackrory & Collier – Inside You



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