Støll to release Ilion Fiction EP (From Any Direction )

A rare debut full of stories by the German youngster Støll. Whether as club solution or to relax at a back seat of a Mitsubishi Space Wagon, it works in both ways with broad textures and spacy atmospheres.

Støll meets deep and melancholic moods without losing the central theme. “Cave” is the ambient intro and “Discovery” the club version. With “Lost” the story leads us into the depths of EP and “Monuments” creates the broken, atmospheric ending. In all of this, he places special emphasis on the exchangeability of the names. With “Ilion Fiction”, Stoll presents more than just a successful release that has the courage to focus on the edge of today’s world.

Release Date. November 2nd, 2017 (Vinyl), December 12th, 2017 (Digital)
01. Cave
02. Discovery
03. Lost
04. Monuments


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