Paul Ursin – Turbo on Noir Music(Stream)

NOIR About the Release:
I am very happy to present a brand new release from Paul Ursin on Noir Music, continuing his well-respected ’Sinthesis’ series.
Paul and I must have worked for 6 months trying to A&R and perfect this 2-track release from him.
We both changed our taste in music since his last EP on the label, and fortunately for us, in the same direction. But it still took a while to complete and perfect a release we were both 100% happy with.
Sinthesis Vol. 4 is the two originals “Turbo” and “Blackout” which still carry Paul’s trademark sound, but now wrapped in Techno clothing rather than his former Tech house outfit.
Both productions are what I would clasify as classic Techno bangers with a modern production twist.
It’s great to have Paul back on Noir Music and there’s more to come from this talented Sicilian.


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