C.A.R. announces second album PINNED on Ransom Note Records with brooding lead single ‘Daughters’

C.A.R. – aka Chloé Raunet- announces her second album, PINNED. A body of work from the producer, singer, and songwriter, PINNED refines C.A.R’s palette of glimmering electronics and post punk angles into a brooding masterpiece, set for release on Ransom Note Records.

In anticipation of the album, C.A.R acclimatises us to the shape of things to come with standout lead single ‘Daughters’, an elegy to the faded. “Sitting on your broken bones, the years have slapped around,” C.A.R’s vocals whisper, set against a grandiose backdrop of deep bass and electronic mystique.

On the flip, a quirky pop interpretation of Jake Holmes 1967 folk number “Hard To Keep My Mind On You” fuels the impression that C.A.R.’s voice is unique, her enigmatic, electronic pop as ever packed with intricate left turns and tiny details flickering away at the edge of hearing.

Aided by a pristine mix from Perfecto Records’ Steve Osborne (New Order, Happy Mondays, Placebo), C.A.R. has found the sweet spot between underground innovation and pop immediacy – and PINNED is her most accomplished work to date.

‘Daughters’ is released November 3rd on Ransom Note Records with PINNED set to be released in February 2018.

C.A.R. is coming, better hide your daughters.


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