Melé – Atlantic on Eats Everything label

Having spent much of the year in the studio, working on new material and remixing for the likes of Jesse Rose, Boys Noize Records and Alexis Raphael, Melé releases a brand new single on Eats Everything’s Edible label.

“Atlantic” comes chock full of the percussive energy that has become Melé’s calling card over these last couple of years. Heavy-duty tribal beats and a swinging groove are stamped all over this party piece; spliced vocals are put through the FX mangle and soaring strings create some tension that unloads itself in the breakdown. Pure party business from the boy from the Wirral, and a welcome return to Edible after his essential “Scouse Afrika” single from 2016.

Artwork on the next slew of Edible releases comes courtesy of The Doodle Man, AKA Sam Cox, who takes up the mantle from Nicolas Dixon, whose artwork has helped shape the Edible label to date. The colorful and visually exciting style will adorn the next ten singles, cultivating in one huge piece at the end of the run!


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