Royaume shares new video “If We”

Dormant but by no means inactive, Paris-based duo Royaume return 8 months after dropping their critically acclaimed single ‘Miho Beach’, with an anthemic dream pop hit ‘If We’ via Le Label (Pias).

Singer Yumi Aoki showcases her unique, powerful voice – a voice which has had the blogosphere raving and developed Royaume a cult following. Producer-instrumentalist Moon Boy (Frederic Saurin) adds his signature digital expertise creating a deeply textured, synth-heavy soundscape above which Yumi’s vocals glide. With uplifting and upbeat percussion, rising ambient synths and carefully applied vocal filters, ‘If We’ exudes positivity, love and acceptance for all.

Feminism, equality and empowerment are themes which resonate with Royaume. Yumi explains how, “it’s important to build a strong self-confidence, especially for women. A strong voice that speaks to your values can ensure awareness and manifest change. Intersectionality, diversity and inclusivity are the future.


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