Peter Kirn returns with second full length album ‘Bellona, USA’

Enter Bellona – a musical world Inspired by the science fiction novel Dhalgren, set in a mentally unstable vision of post-apocalyptic America ruled by disorientation and disarray. This is techno driving futurism into a realm of forgotten names and fragmentary narratives, wandering astronauts and optic chains. It’s a celebratory dance atop a USA in which broadcast media has broken down, amidst a landscape of entangled multi-way love affairs and gangs of wandering lost figures.

‘Bellona, USA’ is the second full length album of Establishment label head and esteemed technologist Peter Kirn and marks the first album to be released on the young Berlin-based label. Three ambient compositions bookend propulsive synth driven techno bestrewn with polyrhythms and superbly emphasized sound design. For this circular ruin, as William Gibson called it, ‘Bellona, USA’ offers cyclic dance riddles – hallucinations, loops, echoes and steady four-on-the-floor kicks holding grooves together as textures slip into quicksand. Threads of synth lines drift in and out against multistable polyrhythms, without a sense of beginning or end as a hedonistic celebration of Dhalgren’s own circular plot lines. Tricks of perception in rhythm and timbre and pitch twist songs into Escher-like confusion. This is life on the American frontier, post disassociation.

‘Bellona, USA’ is mixed by Lars Hemmerling and will be a presented alongside new live AV show in 2018.


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