Viginti Tres – Initiatio on Astrophone Records

It’s finally out, the first single of the project Viginti Tres. “Initiatio” is a peak time track with three souls on a dark path. The first part is deep with some industrial sounds that bring you down in a hole. The bridge opens the door to some acid sounds, melancholic leads and a gothic female chorus that for sure gives you a thrill. The final drop has a brilliant synth arp that restarts with a powerful 808 kick and blows down another time into a deep and dark mood. Basslines are the strengths of this track; deep, powerful and hypnotic.

The remix is by Elum, a lucky find of Astrophone Records. Long leads, a great use of fx and rhythm; this guy knows how to make the deal every time. This single creates a new atmosphere for Astrophone Records, something like Rust Cohle while he’s running around the block with a lot of cops, crazy people and a junkie motorcyclist full of blood that screams his pain. “Per Aspera Ad Astra”.

Release Date: 27/10/2017

1) Viginti Tres – Initiatio (Original Mix)
2) Viginti Tres – Initiatio (Elum Remix)


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