MANIK to release Mortal Frequencies EP on Kim Ann Foxman,Firehouse

Making his debut on Firehouse, MANIK delivers four original tracks reminiscent of the rave scene of yesteryear. A visionary label, Kim Ann Foxman welcomes fellow New York resident to her ever impressive imprint.

An advocate of the label, MANIK was inspired by the early 90s production techniques and the deeper acidic vibes running throughout the EP. “Everything was rolling in the studio when I hit the record button. Kim Ann Foxman is an inspirational artist and someone whom I respect tremendously. To be able to work with her and her label, Firehouse, is nothing short of an honour. Her vision is forward thinking and it is exactly where I’m at artistically too”.

Mortal Frequencies opens the EP with an undeniable air of nostalgia, setting the scene for a rich and accomplished EP. Breakbeat loops are effortlessly weaved throughout, with the recurring melody etched in your memory long after it concludes. Heavy in percussive sounds, MANIK demonstrates his understanding of a dancefloor classic in Gimme Something To Dance To. Following on with equal amounts of energy is Let There Be Acid, a vibrant offering to the music heads. Closing the EP, Poem is an intricate arrangement, easing the listener back into reality.

A product of his environment, Queens native MANIK has a distinct and unique sound, bringing together multiple genres. An underground favourite, he has released on Ovum, Poker Flat, Culprit and B-Pitch among others.

Released:​ ​10th​ ​November​ ​2017
A1​ ​Mortal​ ​Frequencies
A2​ ​Gimme​ ​Something​ ​To​ ​Dance​ ​To
B1​ ​Let​ ​There​ ​Be​ ​Acid
B2​ ​Poem


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