De Lux Share Juan Maclean Remix Of "875 Dollars"

Magnetic has premiered the Juan Maclean remix of De Lux’s new single “875 Dollars”. When talking about the remix De Lux said, “We’ve been a fan of Juan’s music for a while. To our ears, he has really really good taste in house and disco and he took our version of ‘875’ and made a simple minimal classy house track and added a darker tone. We blasted it through a big PA in our studio and turned off the lights. It’s perfect for a darker club atmosphere.
Juan Maclean added, “This track reminded me quite a bit of the early days of DFA, I had some nostalgia sitting in the studio listening to it. It particularly reminded me of The Rapture, and I got to thinking about how much Chicago House was a big influence back then for everyone, and those guys playing lots of that stuff around the office. So I dug out my trusty TR 707 drum machine, the drums that House was built on, and the JX3P, a synth staple around the DFA studio, and tried to put myself back in those days.

Tracklisting – ‘More Disco Songs About Love’
01. 875 Dollars
02. These Are Some Of The Things That I Think About
03. Smarter Harder Darker (feat. Sal P)
04. Cause For Concern
05. Writing Music For Money, To Write More Music
06. Keyboards Cause We’re Black and White
07. Music Snob
08. Guys Just Want To Have Pleasure
09. Stratosphere Girl (feat. Mark Stewart)
10. Poorn In The Nightmare
The original cut of “875 Dollars” will be featured on the duo’s forthcoming LP ‘More Disco Songs About Love’, out 1/19/2018 on Innovative Leisure.


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