Thomass Jackson – Head Rejection on Calypso

Calypso’s next vinyl release comes from one of the label’s owners, Thomass Jackson. Delivering 3 tracks full of psychedelic guitars, analog synths, soothing percussions and with Italians “Boot & Tax” on remix duties, this EP covers a broad range of sounds and styles.
The journey begins with the westernesque “Head Rejection” sumerging us in a hallucinatory desert full of weird snakes and scorpions. Up next is “Witzelsutch” (a leftfield secret weapon for some djs already) with sublow basses and sharp synths doing all the work. “Creepy PC” is a slow chugger with a trance-inducing vibe aimed to make you close your eyes and let go.
Last but not least, Italian super duo “Boot & Tax” delivers a somewhat more straight foward version of “Head Rejection” where a sonic synth makes you forget you are in the desert.
release date November 20th, 2017


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