OHES – Métriques Spectrales EP on Bear Records

After living 15 years in Africa, OHES moved to Paris in 2015 where he became resident artist of the localy well known party collective : La Dynamiterie. He is now running the art direction of La Dynamiterie’s future born label : Dynamiterie Records.

“Metriques Spectrales” is a 4 tracks EP infused by sounds of a wide spectrum of artists. From minimalism pionner Steve Reich to iconic disco producer Giogio Moroder to 60/70’s sci-fi movies, OHES try to “make his own recipe with all of these influences“.

Release date: November 3rd

A1. Rotations séquentielles
A2. Canopée
B1. Asymétriques
B2. 1987 (Version BEAR)

OHES met for the first time the Concrete resident DJs Behzad et Amarou in 2016. They’re now working on a live act together, called BOA (Behzad, Ohes, Amarou).


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