Eliott shares new video for her debut single release ‘Figure It Out’

Introducing singer- songwriter Eliott, with a video for her debut single release ‘Figure It Out’, which has been produced by rising fellow Aussie artist Jack Grace.

Eliott plays both the piano & guitar and writes emotive, nostalgic pop songs with a modern twist. Eliott describes her debut single ‘Figure It Out’ as ‘A song about new beginnings and growing up. The song blossomed from quite a dark period in my life when I was at a crossroads. It’s about letting go.

The video for ‘Figure it Out which explores feelings of nostalgia and youth was directed by Maddy King and filmed in Cobram, Eliott’s home town. Some of the scenes even feature her family’s back yard and lots of Eliott’s closest friends, ‘I think it was so important to go back to my hometown for this video,’ she says, ‘It was such a special few days filming, because I got to do it with all of my best mates- there was no acting, it was honest and real. Figure it out is about leaving the comforts of home and doing something purely for yourself.


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