Wudec- Absolution EP

Wudec is a young producer from Silesia. His extended EP entitled „Absolution”, the first publishing in brand new label from Poland, Farsighted, is a fresh look at electronic music. Bold and untrammeled combination of a deep dub techno, acid 303-like sound and massive kicks.
This blend is an extraordinary journey, during which a medieval castles, baroque temples, renaissance operas and row walls of modern clubs are being visited. A journey, that blears christian tradition with pagan ritual. This is an epic tale about Europe and a bow in front of a wealthy culture, that have been shaping her through ages. Apart from four original tracks, at „Absolution” did appear two remixes of a highly appreciated Polish producers, Kuba Sojka and Michal Jablonski, that make a perfect whole and bring out the publishing’s atmosphere. FRSGHT .01 is coming with a very dark artwork made by Alicja Lilianna Szpila.
Release Date. November 20th, 2017
01. Sagrada Familia
02 Poltergeist
03. Vatican Grottos
04. Avalon
05. Sagrada Familia (Kuba Sojka Remix)
06. Poltergeist (Michal Jablonski Remix)



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