DualExercise_I : Daniel Ruane & smog(stream)

“DualExercise_I” is the latest release from the Berlin based pluri-disciplinary collective and label oqko. It’s the first release in a series of technical exercises, based on the premise of collaboration and reinterpretation. Helmed by Manchester’s Daniel Ruane & oqko co-founder smog, the inaugural release opens up with an A side of two original tracks which go through reinterpretation on the flip.
Informed by the biological aesthetic of organic motion and the mechanistic, robotic rigidity of the computer world, Daniel Ruane morphs captured field recordings with physical musical equipment via a spider web of techniques. Taking his roots in techno, industrial and percussion heavy music, smog focuses on the phenomenon of experimentation using electroaccoustic methods combined with digital and analogue processing, navigating between ethereal soundscapes, distorted metallic noises and flittering overtones.

Across “DualExercise_I”, both producers take the concept of entropic degradation as focus, leaning deep into the chaotic yet exuding control at all times. Across four slabs of high octane compositions, it’s with harsh textural depth, twisted mechanistic noise and glimmers of breaks, bass and broken techno that Ruane and smog serve out their singular visions of pandemonium.
release date November 28th, 2017
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