Redlight Visions 3 on Redlight Music

Third issue of Redlight Visions is here. Again Redlight presents a new taste of talented promoters new to the Berlin based label. This time Marc Brauner, Bryan Matthz and Dubman F. are joining forces with 4 tracks in between House, Acid House and Minimal Techno.
First on the list is “Last Night’s Symphonie”. An uptempo House track with classic drum samplers and deep bass melodies. The Berliner goes one step forward after his debut album last January on Pentagonik. Showing here an instrumental wide atmosphere piece with catchy chords rhythms and effective classic sound percussion.
Deeper goes the takeover by Spanish and Berlin based Bryan Matthz, with previous releases in Frequenza and Traum labels. He delivers “Fly Over The Woods “ a Deep House / Minimal track that kicks a bass loop that travels along the minutes surrounded with punchy hi-hats and involving pads.
Following on is “Atrezzo” by Dubman F.. The Spanish artist shows his very best at rhythm percussion. With a great Minimal House track where simplicity is the most effective formula. Groovy percussion, pads and short vocal cuts will make it work perfectly in the dance floor.
Closing the release is again Bryan Matthz. This time with “The Horse With White Teeth”. An Acid House incursion into Techno, with direct kick sounds ad twisted acid synth sounds. Overall a great track for peak dancefloor time.

Release Date. November 27th, 2017

01. Marc Brauner – Last Night‘s Symphonie
02. Bryan Matthz – Fly Over The Woods
03. Dubman F. – Atrezzo
04. Bryan Matthz – The Horse With White Teeth



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