Mamdouh Saif – In Between Two Seconds

Over the past two decades, Mamdouh Saif has been a formidable force in the world of Arabic music, creating timeless musical masterpieces.
A Berklee College of Music alumnus, Mamdouh has collaborated with some of the world’s most established artists and producers in the Arab music scene, most notably Abdulmajeed Abdulla and Mohammed Abdu, and has performed as a keyboardist at hundreds of concerts in front of thousands of concert-goers. Some of Mamdouh’s finest and most known work includes the albums Ya Taib Algalb (1996) and Harmony (2014). The former album gave Mamdouh his first big break into the music industry and was followed by appearances on TV and Arabic radio stations. Mamdouh also became a sought-after person to work with, whether it be for his skills as a composer/arranger or his multi-instrumentalist talent.
Coming off the back of two significant 2017 concerts — the first at the A.H.A.R Salmiya Theater in Kuwait and the second at the Aljawhara Stadium (King Abdullah Sports City) in Saudi Arabia — Mamdouh is set to release has long-awaited third album In Between Two Seconds on November 10, 2017 under his label Music Sound US in the United States.

A graceful departure from Mamdouh’s previous sound, In Between Two Seconds is a musical case study in genre blending and sonic storytelling. In Between Two Seconds has already begun to receive praise by respected music connoisseurs and industry professionals alike:
If Carlos Santana and Umm Kulthum met in a jazz elevator…the result might be the complex, jazz-inflected fusion of world music and spirituality on Mamdouh Saif’s In Between Two Seconds. Built on a heady mixture of fusion, rock, and cinematic strings, the album’s tracks incorporate virtuosic performers from both Western and near Eastern traditions of uplifting music. The stylistic range is wide, from funky synth blues (Find A Way to Run) to epic choral lament (The Observers) to sinuous world beat with Arabic overtones (A Wonderful Date at 7:30). A lot of “new age” music is a sleeping pill in sonic form; this album does put you in touch with a higher octave, but also keeps your mind — and your body — fully engaged.Robert Fink, Professor of Musicology and Chair of Music Industry, UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music
Mamdouh’s mission is to spread beauty, consciousness, and the reality of peace to the world through his music. His creativity currently lies within the realms of new age music, mixed with concepts of spirituality. However, one of Mamdouh’s new strategies is to add subtle touches of a different style or instrument, giving the track a whole new identity. So when listening, you may hear something that makes you think the track is Italian or Indian, not realizing that it’s just a hint of that culture. This is one of many fine ingredients in Mamdouh’s secret recipe.
Release Date: November 10th
01 – Mamdouh Saif – ‘The Invitation’ (Original Mix) – 4:20
02 – Mamdouh Saif – ‘The Proposal’ (Original Mix) – 3:56
03 – Mamdouh Saif – ‘Morning and I’ (Original Mix) – 4:01
04 – Mamdouh Saif – ‘Space Time’s Dance’ (Original Mix) – 4:47
05 – Mamdouh Saif – ‘Strings and Talking’ (Original Mix) – 2:42
06 – Mamdouh Saif – ‘In Between Two Seconds’ (Original Mix) – 4:11
07 – Mamdouh Saif – ‘2067’ (Original Mix) – 3:49
08 – Mamdouh Saif – ‘The Observers’ (Original Mix) – 5:14
09 – Mamdouh Saif – ‘Am I In Love’ (Original Mix) – 4:26
10 – Mamdouh Saif – ‘Follow Your Butterfly’ (Original Mix) – 4:41
11 – Mamdouh Saif – ‘From You to You’ (Original Mix) – 3:23
12 – Mamdouh Saif – ‘A Wonderful Date at 7:30PM’ (Original Mix) – 3:51
13 – Mamdouh Saif – ‘I’ll Come Back’ (Original Mix) – 4:47
14 – Mamdouh Saif – ‘Find A Way To Run’ (Original Mix) – 3:01


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