Franck Roger ft. Mandel Turner “After All Remixes (Inc. Seuil, Burnski and D’Julz Remixes)” – Home Invasion (19-01-2018)

This January will see Home Invasion offer up three fresh remixes from Seuil, Burnski and D’Julz of Franck Roger ft. Mandel Turner’s ‘After All’, releases on the label in early 2017.
Early 2017 saw Franck Roger unveil one of his most revered records to date over the past two decades, his collaboration with stateside vocalist and long time friend Mandel Turner, which started as an MPC jam by Franck before layering a bass hook and Turner’s infectious vocals to create a contemporary twist on a classic New Jersey Garage sound. Once finished the record was given directly to Apollonia crew who championed it throughout the Ibiza season at their DC10 residency, and now following the success of the original release Franck revisits it with the help of some close friends and associates with a vinyl release of remixes, all of which cater to different hours on the dance floor.
The original mix opens the package before Hold Youth member Seuil delivers his raw, intricate and percussive driven take on things with his ‘Reshape Dub’.
Constant Sounds’ Burnski steps up next with his rework, fusing hooky vocal snippets from the original with sturdy rhythms and bumpy bass stabs before D’Julz closes the package on a deeper tip employing airy chord sequences, choppy string hits, Turners emotive vocals and shuffled organic percussion.
1. AfterAll
2. AfterAll(SeuilReshape Dub)
3. AfterAll(Burnski Remix)
4. AfterAll(D’Julz Remix)


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