Listen:Madou return with the ‘Changing’ EP

‘Changing’ is the debut EP from Belgian producers Jochen Sablon and Vincent De Boeck aka Madou. Featuring 4 tracks of upfront club music that just follows their maxim of “No genres, no expectations, no strings attached”, ‘Changing’ follows on from (and includes) the duo’s first single ‘Nowhere Else’, originally released on Skrillex’s NEST label.

The ‘Changing’ EP expands upon that initial promise and delves deeper underground into the Madou’s sound. Opening track ‘Samurai’ leads off with an ominous and stately string section before breaking into an imposing bass line and shuffling garage inspired beats, ‘Floating’ meanwhile offers a masterclass in how to build tension in a track, whilst the EP’s title track sees smokey chords and manipulated vocal snippets slowly mutate into a thumping bass heavy number.
Released on Lekker – Dec 8th


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