Kidnap (ex Kidnap Kid) new Skin EP on Birds That Fly

Kidnap Kid returns with his first EP in over a year and with it also a name alteration. Having gone through a year of change and reflection, Matt Relton has dropped ‘Kid’ and will now be releasing under Kidnap. The last year has been profound both personally and with his career.

The Skin EP showcases another side to Matt’s many talents. The title track is both stunning and emotive with melancholic keys and a rich vocal, while on the flip, And In Me Too The Wave Rises follows in the same vein with a thought provoking, progressive piano melody.

Skin was written whilst living in New York, just before a time of great change in my life. It’s a song about the insidious sadness of knowing an end is coming but not wanting to let go. I kept the composition as bare as possible to shine light on a growing space between two voices.

release date:December 8th, 2017
A.​ ​Skin
B.​ ​And​ ​In​ ​Me​ ​Too​ ​The​ ​Wave​ ​Rises


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