Listen : Danish synth-pop duo Gents release new AA side ‘Moments’

Danish synth-pop duo GENTS have just released two new tracks ‘Empty Shell’ / ‘Part-Time Lover’ (known collectively as the ‘MOMENTS’ double AA single) on The Big Oil Recording Company

The Danish concept of ‘feinschmecker’ (or ‘bon vivant’ as the French have it – to mean “one who lives well’), permeates the music of GENTS: the sound of sensual sorrow, nestled at the midway point between the vainglorious decadence of early 80s sopista-pop and the more introverted likes of Japan and Tears For Fears. Romantics, never ironists, and as if eternally heartbroken by the inherent sadness of life itself.
In the artist’s own words

GENTS is a recreational space, where everyone is welcome to come and feel good, while we look for sense and meaning behind it all together. It’s a spa stay, where giving yourself a treat goes hand-in-hand with being naked and vulnerable around others. On MOMENTS we try, but can’t work out how, to be whole people or whole lovers – no matter how much we want to.

MOMENTS is for people who dare to voice their feelings of doubt and inadequacy. We’ve come to say that ‘you’re good enough as you are, you beautiful mess!’ We all share these feelings, and it’s 2018 – we have to be able to talk about them!


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