Fluxion : XLR8R Podcast 538(Download)

Cinematic soundscapes from a dub techno pioneer
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01. Howard Shore “Suicide” [Dead Ringers OST]
02. Mikkel Metal “Who Man” [Peaks & Thoughts]
03. Lisa Gerrard & Rieter Bourke “Broken” [Insider OST]
04. Pattern Repeat “001B”
05. Angelo Badalamenti “Fred’s World” [Lost Highway OST]
06. Ennio Morricone “Humanity (Part1)” [The Thing OST]
07. Mikkel Metal “Bodium” [Peaks & Thoughts]
08. Fluxion “Untitled”
09. Ryuichi Sakamoto & Alva Noto “Carrying Glass” [The Revenant OST]
10. Rhythm & Sound “Roll Off /S” [Rhythm & Sound]
11. Johann Johannsson “Escape” [And in the Endless Pause There Came the Sound of Bees OST]
12. Silver Ash “DMTC” [001]
13. Wa Wu We “Travellers” [Travellers EP]
14. Vangelis “Blade Runner Blues” [Blade Runner OST]
15. Sebastian Mullaert “Every Moment I Am” [All the Keys Are Here LP]
16. Lisa Gerrard & Pieter Bourke “See The Sun” [Ali OST]
17. Transformations “Accumulate Part 2” [Accumulate EP]
18. Brian Eno “8M1” [The Lovely Bones OST]