D. Diggler – Lyd (incl. Zakari & Blange remix)(Lucidflow Records)

Andreas Mügge is now an established regular of the Lucidflow roster. His appearances on the imprint push the envelope of the label’s characteristic deep leaning dance floor vibes, right into a tough and rolling techno edged sound. It comes as no surprise that his latest release ‘Lyd’ continues that trend.

As if underscoring this, the first thing you are treated to in the title track and opener is an uncompromising kick. It is full blooded, punching you in the chest and leaving a lingering aftershock. However, rather than relentlessly pummelling you, subtle elements are woven in that pleasingly tick the track over, with airy melodies that intangibly drift above the resolute doom below.

Showcasing a different percussive element, ‘Swarm’ works out some 909 toms. As a result, the beats dominate the low and mid-range of the track in ominous style. To counterbalance this, feather light pads drift like aurora borealis. The principles of yin and yang in full effect.

‘Steam Eight’ is a pure peak techno basement workout. Unrelenting and insistent. It arrives in two flavours. Andreas’ original version is frantic and animated with nowhere to hide. Remixers Zakari & Blange–of Phobiq and Elevate fame–keep things low key, but still primed, for two thirds of the session, with a huge emphatic rush in the middle stretch that incites mania.

Lyd will be available from all the usual digital stockists on 11th June (beatport exclusive 4 weeks)