Watch : Actress Kate Jenkinson (Wentworth) stars in President Street’s new music video ‘Need You Now’

President Street, the Australian pop fusion collective, are back with their new single ‘Need You Now’ on June 15th and it promises to be as daringly contemporary as ever. With actress Kate Jenkinson of Wentworth taking the lead and, incredibly creative artistic direction, the video is a real cinematic masterpiece and works alongside the new single perfectly.

‘Need You Now’ starts in characteristically President street style with lethargic synths and a confident drum beat. It is not long before a female voice is introduced, and the tone of her vocals is enthrallingly eerie. The vocals ring out in a beautifully unnerving manner, with the harmonies enrobing Kate Jenkinson as she wanders down a darkly lit street.

Directed by Peter Nathan, a student from The Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne, the video plots the mental deterioration of the main character (and star) as she becomes ever more desperate. It starts off naturistically, and as the lyrics become more worrying, so does the video.

It descends into what can only be described as an arthouse nightmare, our mystery actress is gagged, covered in paint, and tortured – all whilst attempting to escape. It really is a masterclass in how to successfully imbue a music video with symbolism. It is abstract, disturbing, and distressing, and yet it is beautifully shot. It truly is a creative enigma.

It is a song about reaching your limit, it is one last desperate plea to be saved from total mental demise. It is haunting, and relatable, and real, with the video summing up these ideas perfectly.

Two of my favourite things are music and storytelling” says Kate. “Music videos are the perfect amalgamation of both. I loved ‘Need You Now’ when I first heard it and jumped at the opportunity to work with such a great band. I love it when two art forms collide, so it was a joy to be a part of”.