Listen : London’s Crooked Teeth release new single ‘The American Dream’

London’s Crooked Teeth release new single ‘The American Dream’, an ambient electro anthem for the disaffected

Growing up in the Nineties, we were spoon fed this prophecy of a Western utopia of wealth and uniformity. This song is just a reaction to that mirage and is driven by the effect that thousands of events like Oklahoma and Columbine have had on us.” Rob – Crooked Teeth

A gem of jagged, noirish electronica, Crooked Teeth’s latest single may channel a feeling of post-punk disillusionment in its downbeat guitar lines and cynical – yet sharply infectious – vocal, but there remains a fierce sense of joy in the song’s buoyant synths, percussive minimalism and voluminous freeform outro. Asserting that ‘The American Dream’ is really an illusion in the face of Trumpmania and soaring gun crime, the track reflects a state of weary scepticism towards the state of the political playing field but, through its savvy melodic ambience, still exudes the trance-like hedonistic air that has become Crooked Teeth’s calling card.

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Fri 29 June: The Finsbury, Manor House, London