Bob Sinclar drops I Believe video

Watch BOB SINCLAR’s new single by “I Believe”

BOB SINCLAR is a legend! It is one of the dj / French producers among the longest-lived of the international scene. It has produced many of the hits that have become part of the history of world dance music as “World, Hold On” and “Love Generation”!
At 12 years after the global hit “World, Hold On”, Christophe Le Friant aka BOB SINCLAR returns with “I Believe” his new hit for summer 2018!
Besides being one of the dj / most famous manufacturers in the world, BOB SINCLAR is also a fashion icon.
In 2014 BOB SINCLAR was chosen by H & M clothing company known to represent its brand in the world and has also released a single with the most famous Brazilian model Giselle Bunchen the world. BOB SINCLAR was testimonial during degl’ultimi years for other famous brands in the world such as: Yamamay, Alfa Romeo, Vecchia Romagna, ASUS, and many others.