Sakima challenges the heteronormative culture of music in his new track ‘Show Me’

Sakima is a producer, songwriter, pianist, and singer based in London. Influenced by left-field electronic and R&B music, Sakima brings LGBTQ+ narratives to the pop music scene. Sakima’s music is, by some, viewed as controversial and risqué yet all he’s doing is destigmatising the Queer community. He’s loud and proud about being Queer and openly challenges the heteronormative culture of popular music. In his EP “Ricky” Sakima explores the lexicon of Polari, a coded language used by gay men in Britain in the 1950s and ’60s when homosexuality was illegal. Purposeful pop for those who more than not don’t have a voice.

He was recently listed as one of the Top Pop Stars to Watch in 2018 on Billboard Magazine.
Sakima’s track ‘Daddy’ was named the #1 Gay Anthem by Billboard, and his head-turning music video was viewed over 400,000 times on YouTube.

Sakima’s new track ‘Show Me’ is a testament to his boundary-pushing lyricism and sonic style. Exploring the notion of physical expression of emotions being preferable to words, Sakima openly talks of his way about communicating.

Sakima says:

This song encapsulates the feeling of being with someone that you can talk with for hours but still never say what you really mean, the truth is in the body language. And for someone like me who struggles with explaining myself and saying what I feel to someone’s face, it’s just so much easier to show than to tell, and at the core of it that’s what this song is about..