Listen : Eyes Of Others – I See You In The Shrubs (Andrew Weatherall’s A Shrub From Outer Space)

Working with yet-to-be-discovered Scottish artists as well as established and revered acts like Justin Robertson and Tom Blip who have already graced Palms’ DJ decks, no other track summed up Paradise Palms’ mission in 2017 quite like ‘I See You In The Shrubs’ by Edinburgh enigma Eyes of Others.

A woozy, pulsing jam; equal parts of nervous energy and stoned groove – ‘Shrubs’ immediately received a cosign from Paris’ Les Yeux Orange and made its way into a highly respectable group of DJs sets. Andrew Weatherall has since taken things a big step further and reworked ‘Shrubs’ into a sprawling 8 minute journey of his own, backed by live drums and deep sub-bass while Donald Dust’s ‘Other Thumper’ ups the energy with playful NYC post-disco style and psychedelic percussion.