Ray Okpara “Violong (inc. Andre Butano and Jee Bear remixes)” on Yet Records

After a debut that made a real impact on the dance floor, YET Records is back with a strong follow-up release, this time from long time tech house champion Ray Okpara with considered remixes from Andre Butano and Jee Bear.

Okapra has Nigerian roots which always inform his percussive, loopy, infectious sound and helped make him one of the key artists to emerge from the Frankfurt and Mannheim scenes in Germany. Mobilee, Area Remote, 8-Bit and many others have put out his work, and in 2018 his It’s Ours party continues to be much loved round Europe.

The fresh original is ‘Violong’, a deep roaming track with an intoxicating and exotic lead synth line. The drums are chunky and smooth and the synth effects add real intrigue and occult charm to the groove as wailing vocals finish it off to soulful effect. A dub mix is also included and strips out the vocal to reveal more smart effects and alien sound designs that get deep in your brain.

Chile’s Andre Butano runs the Cachai Music imprint and is another vital tech house artist at home on key labels like 8Bit and Highgrade. His excellent remix toughens things up with stiff metallic hits and wonky bass. It makes for a track full of tension that really sweeps you up and keeps you on edge.

Last is Jee Bear, a rock drummer who grew up on psychedelia but switched to dance music in 2011. Now a key part of his local scene in the Dominican Republic, he runs his own Tanama Records and here flips the original into a more dreamy track with cosmic pads. It’s one with warm chords and a journeying bassline that will ramp up energy levels and take the floor ever higher.

This is another essential package of killer dance floor tracks from YET.
Release Date:27-08-2018

1. Original Mix
2. Andre Butano Remix
3. Jee Bear Remix
4. Dub Mix